How to rewind video

Hi, I need to know how I can ‘‘rewind’’ video backward.
Necesito saber cómo puedo poner un clip de vídeo en efecto rebobinado, hacia atrás, y de paso a cámara rápida.


If you mean to ‘play in reverse’, then Shotcut has no facility for this.
I use a small program call ‘Video Time Reversal’… It’s free

With all the other features they’ve added they really need to add this one.

It’s been explained [by Dan] more recently that it’s difficult and unlikely.
Use the stand-alone tool built for the purpose I linked to. Faster than waiting for the remote chance that Dan will add it to Shotcut.

J rewinds.

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Thank you for the shortcut link. I’m sure that will make it a little easier. Just need to get to the bottom of the crashes I’ve been having so much of. Thanks again!

If you mean by “rewind” to reverse a clip, Shotcut has an option for that since 18.06