How to reverse video in Shotcut

Help please to understand how I can reverse my video clip in a “Shotcut”
I climbed all the tabs and still did not figure it out .

  • Select the clip you want to reverse
  • Go to the Properties tab.
  • Clic the Reverse… button.
  • Shotcut will ask you to select an edit friendly format, Choose the one you prefer. Good is good enough in most cases. Click OK
  • You will then be asked to choose a location to save the reversed clip. Choose one and click Save
  • When the reverse operation is completed, your clip will be replaced in the timeline by it’s reversed version
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sorry but there is no any reverse button at all
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I’m not familiar with the m2ts format. Maybe you need to convert it to another format before using it in Shotcut

I really climbed all buttons and tabs and there is no Reverse button or something similar to this. or I am too stupid to understand where I can find it.(but, again, in properties tab no reverse button all)

Are you able to play this file in Shotcut ?

it is same with other video formats (mp4,mov, avi etc) does not matter - there just no this button ((((

Try another file. A mp4 for example and check if you see the Reverse button in Properties


Sorry I misread… you already tried

That’s what you should see in the Properties tab:

Did you try to Close and restart Shotcut.
Or re-install it ?

just installed - you are right, will try to restart not only the program but PC too.

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Post a full screenshot

Here is a screenshot of Shotcut with a ‘.mts’ file showing the reverse button:

no i restart PC and found this button ( I don’t know if it was there before, but after I found it) thanks a lot!!!)))

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Thanks - i found already =)

You’re welcome @Denis_Svirid

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