How to reveal a picture one part at a time?

Alright the title propably sounds extremely confusing but I don’t know how to phrase it any better. Basically I am trying to do is to have a picture let’s say this:

(I’m not actually going to use this for anything but it serves well for my question) Now is it possible to reveal just the top part (the message on the top) then the next part and then the next and so on? Or would I have to create multiple pictures where I have manually edited pictures and then just add them to a track after each other.

And sorry again for how confusing this question is.

Yes - you can do it using the mask filter and using key frames to move it or grow/shrink it to reveal it line by line.

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Dude2018.mlt (13.8 KB)
The shake is my own custom preset to mimic the installed shake effect.
Filters used: Size & Position, Rotate & Scale, Mask, Fade In Video
Shotcut 18.11.18

Made my own custom images. Feel free to download them.

Or no shake, and have them all in one spot.
Dude2018v2.mlt (12.5 KB)
Filters: Rotate & Scale, Mask


As @QDSOV said you can do it with the mask filter.

Used your image to make a short demo. Done with 2 tracks and 6 mask filters with advanced key frames.

Lava.mlt (13.0 KB)


Thank you so much! This is exactly what I was looking for.

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