How to resize green screen without cropping background in Shotcut

Yes it is solved thanks , I did not try yet but I do not even need to try as it is a logical way to handle it . Just now received so many lights from amazon and I am busy unbloxing :slight_smile:

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Yes thanks that also works if you do not need to crop any thing.

You’re right @Hudson555x. The crop filter is not needed in most cases. But since the guy in the DaVinci video was showing a black background problem when resizing. I thought @iharpyou had a similar issue and that maybe he used Crop, but didn’t use the Transparent button.

Yes actually I had to get rid of some black margins .

Guys if I want to add Alpha adjust I add it right after Chroma key?


… well… … who reads titles? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Right? :woozy_face:

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Thanks for the tutorial. It’s ridiculous how unintuitive some of DaVinci Resolve features are.

I spent 3 hours fighting this and couldn’t figure it out. .

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