How to render and minimize the time of exporting video

i use shotcut to make videos for youtube but when i export video mp4 it takes a long time about 7 hours , although my computer core i3 ,i don’t know how to minimize this time , can any body help me ???

You have to provide much more information. Please read this.

You can try to use hardware encoding. Currently, this is mainly available on Windows but also NVIDIA on Linux. To do this does requires a little advanced user knowledge, and I hope to make it easier for the next version. First, you need to figure out what your computer has for a capability: AMD, NVIDIA, or Intel GPU? Then, does it support NVENC for NVIDIA, AMF for AMD, or Quick Sync Video for Intel? You can also make a guess, and make some tests in Shotcut. In Export > Codec > Codec, choose h264_nvenc (NVIDIA), h264_amf (AMD), or h264_qsv (Intel).
Other things you can do are: use the 64-bit of Shotcut if you have 64-bit Windows, make shorter videos (duh), use less effects (tracks and filters).

What resolution are you exporting out at? Spinning disc or an ssd?

The time that needed to export depends on what did you edited (Filters, Layers etc.) the length of the video (Timeline), the resolition (720p, 1080p FullHD, 2.7k, 4k etc.) AND on the capabilities of the used computer. Well, let’s be honest, an i3 is not the best choice for grahic/photo/video exiting/generating/exporting purposes, it’s much more for simple office use like Word, Excel, Web, Email etc. … :wink: