How to render a video at a certain ratio

Hi Everyone!

I’m new to the forum, but I have had shotcut for over a year now. My hobby is creating tributes for certain fandoms like Marvel. A lot of other youtubers have videos that have a 1920x808 resolution, but whenever I try to render my video at that resolution, it never changes. I have tried it at other resolutions also, but it just stays in the normal default resolution. Any help would be appreciated.

I had never seen this resolution on YouTube until today.
Every day I learn a new thing.I’m curious.
I will investigate this in Shotcut.

I did a test in Shotcut.I did the following:
First create a new custom video mode that I called “ExtraWide TV 21: 9”

I modified the resolution and ratio parameters.


I inserted a photo on the timeline, with a resolution of 4320 x 3240.
Shotcut adjusted the height of the photograph automatically in the preview window.

I applied to the photo, the filter “size and position”, I chose the option to distort and the resolution 1920 x 808 so that the photo would fill all the final video.

I exported the video in the Youtube preset, reviewing the resolution settings beforehand.


The video was rendered at 1920 x 808 without problem.

I did the test with a photo to check quickly.
I hope this helps you solve your problem.


Very well explained - even I could follow it.


It worked perfectly

I choose this format because I do not speak English (I use the translator)
The visual explanation is more comfortable for everyone (except for the one who makes the explanation, hahaha :grin: )
I’m glad this was useful.
It has also been useful for me to learn more about Shotcut.

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