How to remove sound from file in video track?

Sorry, this is so stupid question, but I am total newbie with v 15.04 just installed on Windows XP. So I wanted to have video track without sound and the second track with audio only. But the first track contains sound every time when I add the track there. So when I click on a file in the track there is no option to remove the sound…

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Right-click the clip > More > Detach Audio


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I don’t have such context menu. Probably should I create another video track and move the files from the first track there?

Add a Mute filter or
Properties > Audio > Track = None

this is what I have… properies of the track.

This looks the same for both tracks or files video and audio…

Clic the video clip on track V1 to select it
Got to Properties > Audio
Open the Track menu and choose None

This will deactivate the audio on the video clip of track V1. You’ll still see the audio wave though.

My context menu

Waít a moment. What does mean to Open as a shot? When I selected this, I see the settings of the audio in Properties. So I can change the Audio track to None, but I cannot save it. If I click on the next file in the track, and then back, the track is again 16K.

The correct translation is Open as a clip
From what I can see it simply sends the clip to the Source viewer

so you can preview just that clip from the timeline

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What do you mean by the track is again 16K.

Video track in Shotcut means actual video track as you would put multiple clips on, etc.
English settings:
M = Mute (Highlight means audio is muted from entire track, in this example V1 will have no sound)

If you are referring a video file or clip:
Properties, then Audio tab. Where it says Track, click the down arrow.

Where it says Track, click the down arrow.
Select: None

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16000 Hz, mono, 1 channel
If I select none, then click outside, then again on it, so again this properties are there.

I will try tommorow.

Selecting None does not delete the audio, it deactivates it from the clip.

The mute button is enough to reach the goal I need now.
Thank you for help.
Shotcut is good. It was a bit hard to start, but not I see it is relatively easy to use it. Thank you.

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