How to remove part of video in shotcut

how to remove part of video in shotcut and save removed part for another video?

Split the section by pressing S at the start and at the end of the section, remove the other parts and export. Alternatively, you can copy that splitted section, save the mlt file, create a new mlt file then paste and export to also have the other sections intact in the original mlt. You can also use mlt as clip, so you wouldn’t need to export it.

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Hi @dcdd1, I made a short video tutorial to show how I do it:

Split clip using s where you want,
Copy unwanted section.
Select “source” tab.
Drag preview pane to playlist
Select Export - choose “each playlist item” from the dropdown.
While it’s exporting, Use “Ripple delete” to remove unwanted clip.

You can then use “Export-1.Mp4” in another project.


Press Alt + M having selected the unwanted clip, to create a marker, then export, selecting “Marker 1” from the dropdown…
Alternatively… follow @Ar_D’s method of saving the split section as an MLT.

Several options … maybe more to come from others… :wink:


Alternatively… :nerd_face:

  • Split the section you want to remove.
  • Select + Cut that unwanted clip. shotcut_fgHF9tTKY4
    This will remove the clip from the Timeline and copy it to the Source panel
  • Go to the Export panel
  • Select From > Source
  • Export

But @jonray Each Playlist Items method is better if you have more than one unwanted clip to save & remove

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Alternatively Alternatively, I have a way that would take 0 steps in shotcut, and is more preferable… :nerd_face: :nerd_face:

Just open the video in window’s photo app and click on edit and create>trim,then save as copy.

There you have it, a trimmed extracted section, with 0 steps to do in shotcut. Even if you remove the joke part, it takes less than 6 steps.

Don’t ask me about macos, I haven’t used it in a long time. I rather use pearos. Anyways, if you are on mac, @jonray’s method is better.

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No Timeline method:

  1. With your video in the Source player, locate the end of the 1st part. Tap the O on your keyboard.
  2. In the Playlist, use the keyboard shortcut (windows/linux) Shift+A.
  3. Back to the Source player, locate the beginning of the last part. Tap the I on your keyboard.
  4. In the Playlist, use the keyboard shortcut (windows/linux) Shift+A.
  5. Export panel: From Playlist, then Export File.


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Thank you

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Thank you to all the post comments much appreciated

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