How to remove black bars

I’m making a meme and want to remove those black bars to make the video square, how do I do it? Thanks.

You need to change your Video Mode to whatever your requirements are.

Menu Item Settings > Video Mode > Custom > Add.

Thanks for responding.

There are still black lines but not as much, so I want to change the colour of those black lines to white, so they won’t show up in the video. How do I do that?

Create a new track V2 (Ctrli)
Drag your clip from V1 to V2.
Use Open Other > Colour > Colour and choose “White”, make sure “Alpha Channel” is set to 255.
Add this (or drag it from the player window) to V1, underneath your clip.
Drag the right-hand edge to make its duration the same as your clip’s.

Or you could select the clip and add the filter “Crop: Source” to it - this will remove some of the clip to make it fit exactly.

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