How to refresh/reload a file without saving+closing+reopening Shotcut?

Frequently I need to make edits to one of the files (video/audio/image) in my Shotcut project via other software. Is there a way to then get Shotcut to reload just the new version of the file from source without saving my work, exiting Shotcut, and then reopening the project?

Also, is there a way to change the source name or location of the file (e.g. …/videos/video101v02.mp4 to …/videos/video101v03.mp4)?

The only way is to Save (or File > Backup and Save) and then reopen the project (most convenient is to use Recent). You do not need to use Close, New, or restart Shotcut.

is there a way to change the source name or location of the file

A few ways:

  • Edit the XML of the .mlt file in a text editor.
  • Move either the source file out of the way or rename it and use the Missing Files dialog that appears when you open a project with missing files to resolve it.
  • Open the new file in the Source player, set the in point as needed if video or audio, and use the Replace function in the Timeline.
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Select the clip

Select the properties tab

Click on the button with three bars

Click reset from the dropdown

For images, you don’t even have to use the dropdown

Most convenient way I found is to open up the mlt in a text editor and then run find-and-replace on the source file.

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That’s what I have been doing - would be really neat if there was a function to do that inside of Shotcut…

Awesome - exactly what I wanted. Thanks

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