How to "proxy" edit with Shotcut


Well so far so good! Thank you for taking the time to explain to me. Really didn’t matter that I need to start over because I couldn’t finish editing in the hi res format.

I tried Resolve as well. Man that thing needs some sorta super computer to run.

BTW I don’t understand Handbrake so I just opened my 4K footage in Shotcut and exported it as 640x360 using your folder and naming conventions.

Thanks again!


Runs better than Shotcut on my rig.
Where Shotcut lags out when grading and adding transitions, DVR does not.
Plus v14 now includes Fairlight audio editor.


Nothing to it.
Open HB, browse for file [or drag file to just under filename field], select Regular/Normal preset, set width (640), set container (mp4) press big green Start button. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info, it was exactly what I wa looking for. And it worked very well!
And I used it with a few 4k clips. The output time for 10 min in shotcut took about 2:15h.

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