How to properly append clips

When I append a clip onto a track i find that hitting return to beginning on the preview window only sends it back to the beginning of that clip.

That’s a nuisance. I want it to go back to the beginning of the whole movie - start of all the appended clips.

How do I do that?

Press Home key. The Keyboard Shortcuts page can be easily reached in the Help menu.

Ah, thanks for that. I actually have the keyboard shortcuts page open all the time but I didn’t see it.

I see it now. Under ‘player’ and ‘seek start’.

Good one.

While you’re there can I ask about cutting numerous tracks simultaneously?

Like I have my original track - that’s a movie with sound - and two added audio tracks under it.

When I cut under the playhead I’d like it to cut the movie AND one of the audio tracks at the same time. That sort of thing.

Can that be done, I wonder?



1/I export the movie at the current stage.
2/ use S to cut the movie in 2 places.
3/place your added sound
4/re-export with another name .
5/ you can bring them down in playlist.
6/ this works fine with text too , when you wist to place it between clips.
regards Pete

You cannot split across multiple tracks yet, but you can use up and down arrow keys on keyboard to change current track and then press S again.

Thanks for that. That’s a trivial bit of extra effort isn’t it? I can handle that alright. No worries.


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