How to preserve the position of clips from multiple tracks when copying them?

In 22.12.21 is it possible to copy multiple clips on multiple tracks from one mtl to another so that the position of the clips on the tracks in relation to each other gets preserved?
As suggested in other threads of this forum and in several videos I did use the multi select feature followed by Copy and Paste, but whatever I tried out, all clips from the different tracks are copied to a single track in the new mtl file.
Changing Ctrl-R (Ripple) and Ctrl-Alt-R (Ripple All Tracks) doesn’t seem to make a difference.

When I copy just selections from a single track, then everything works as expected.
But as soon as I select on multiple tracks, everything gets merged to one track.

Any suggestions how to solve this.?

Hi @cst

Check this:

I hope this was helpful


Thank you!
This was REALLY helpful!

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You’re welcome @cst

Merci pour ce tuto bien pratique.

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