How to pre-Merging video files before using shotcut, to avoid Stabilization reset

Hi, as far as there is no way to merge different files inside shotcut, I just want to suggest this workaround.

I’ve found this by my way but you could also have found different methods. In any case, if you use a 4k action camera like GOPRO or similar, there is a size cut about the length of files the camera saves. For example, I gain 2 split files for 10 minutes recording with gopro 8, without frame loss, but they are split.

In order to merge them in a single file and use them in shotcut, you can use “AviDemux”.

Here the sequence
1- Import your mp4 file 1
2 - put cursor at bottom right using commands below: >|
3 - File->Append File selecting file 2.
4 - set Mp4 Muxer on dropdownlist at the left bottom
5 - save results as mp4 file and call it name_FULL.
6 - (export must take “seconds”, otherwise you are using the wrong demux.)

This pre-merging video is useful because if you use STABILIZE filter over 2 single split file, you get a frame shift, a sort of stabilization reset error, at the junction point; and the only solution is to put a transition (unrequired) at that point.

Differently, if you stabilize the long single file, the stabilization does not fail between frames.

I’ve seen this problem in other questions. That’s my solution.
hope this helps

That is a useful tip of yours.

You could do this just using Shotcut by importing all the clips and then exporting the result of this in one of the lossless formats that Shotcut supports and then importing that for stabilizing. However, it will probably take longer to do the export.

You might like to do a comparison and let us know the difference.

I’ve never used the Stabilise filter, but just out of interest does this happen if you apply the filter to the track, rather than to each of the clips?

No. Stabilize is a zoom and shift and rotate filter. A little zoom that waste the borders of your clip, and a calculated shift and rotation in order to make every frame smooth respect to previous.

This logic interrupts when clip are split. And Next clip do not consider a previous clip frame to make animation smooth.

So, at every cut of your clip, you get a reset about stabilization shift and rotation directives…

That’s my idea. Not sure 100%.