How to place a cut-out picture in ShotCut?

I havent been able to place a cut-out picture in my ShotCut video, the picture itself loads perfectly, but with an ugly white surrounding, which isnt supposed to happen. I want the picture, which I have cut-out using Magnetic-lasso in photoshop to appear without the white bars around the picture itself, but to no avail. Youtube doesnt have any tutorials on how to do this.
I found 1 tutorial that talks about adding pictures, and in the tutorial the guy adds a picture without an ugly white square background in it, but doesnt tell me on how to get the picture like that.

Can anyone help me? And please excuse my bad english, trying to explain the best I can here…

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cut out spongebob|446x453

Can you post a picture so we can see what this “ugly white surrounding” is that you’re talking about?

You should get photoshop to affect the alpha channel, which governs the transparency, and save it as PNG, which is a supported format that includes alpha channel. I do not use photoshop and unable to provide specific instructions in that tool.

done, link is at the bottom of my post

hey thanks alot, saving the file as a PNG worked. Problem solved!

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