How to pause export jobs

Hello again Shotcut community!
Is there a way to add rpoject to render without starting it? Cos if i even pause this job - it waste my pc power ^___^"

There is no way to pause a job - you can only pause if the next job is started automatically - pause the queue. However, there is a workaround, first pause the queue. Then, right-click the currently running job and Stop it. Now, it stops using a lot of energy. To resume, right-click the stopped job and Run it. Unfortunately, it must start from the beginning because, again, there is no pausing of jobs (yet, not sure if there will be).

I found another way. Before exporting project i can click pause button and new job will be “pending” by default and will not eating my resources. Then i can make some changes and add another job. Then unpause and they will be performed by turns. I dont know is there some bug but it works fine for me =)

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