How to pause embedded video while main video plays on

I’m trying to pause a video in the corner of a larger video in which I’m doing a commentary. So basically I’m commenting on a vid that I have playing in the corner, and I want to pause that corner video and expound on something. Then, I want the corner video to start up again. I can’t seem to find an intuitive way to do this.


AFAIK there’s no intuitive way to do this.:slight_smile:

Shotcut doesn’t have a pause button.

There is one way to do it. I’m assuming you’re using two tracks on the timeline with one video size and positioned to play on top of the other.

  1. Disable size and position on the video that you want to pause.
  2. Split the video at the point you want to pause it. Don’t move the play head. Go to file export frame and export the frame. The save dialogue defaults to png but you can use the file type selector to save to a different format
  3. The exported frame will show in the recent list. Open it in the source viewer, trim it to the length of pause. Say 5 seconds.
  4. Add the frame to the playlist.
  5. Insert the frame at the point where you split the video.
  6. Enable the size and position filter on the clips and copy and paste the filter to the frame as well.

Repeat the steps for additional pauses.

It’s not a real pause but it will give the illusion of a paused video. After all video editing is all illusions anyway.

P.S. Step 4 is not necessary. You can simply go direct from Source to Timeline. If you need to use that image again, you can copy and paste it.

Thanks for the detailed instructions. Kinda what I was afraid of but thanks

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