How to override the track filter's settings for a single clips?

Lets say i’ve a short movie made of lots of small clips.
I need to apply “Normalize one pass” to all of them so i added the filter directly to the track.

If i apply the same filter again to just a single clip what will happen?

Q1) The two filters will stack? Or the clip settings will just override the settings of the track filter?

Q2) Then if they will stack… to not apply the track filter then i need to move the clip to a different track?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Q1) Both filters apply or “stack” as you put it. Only one new filter in the next version 19.09 does an “override,” - Blend Mode - but it is possible that one filter’s change completely obliterates another. For example, you can have a Saturation filter to increase it slightly on the track but then one again on the clip that completely desaturates it.

Q2) The track filter does not move when you move a clip to another track.

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