How to overlay part of my video onto another section of it?

Ok well I don’t really know how to describe it but basically, I have a video of some gameplay that has a suspenseful part and I want it to be zoomed in to the point of interest, but there is also a little red timer on the top that I also want to be shown in the scene. The only issue is that when I zoom in the timer isn’t visible, I was wondering if there was a way to move the timer into the zoomed-in area of the scene

image is an edited photo of how I would like it to look

  1. Add a track and duplicate the video to the new track.

  2. Add the Mask: Simple shape and Brightness filter. Turn the brightness down so you can see where the mask is.

  3. Adjust the mask to fit the timer.

  4. Add the Size, Position & Rotate filter. Pull the timer to wherever you want, and you can also zoom in the timer. And you can delete the Brightness filter now.

  5. Zoom in the original video at the bottom track.

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