How to navigate to my Ext HDD in Linux?


I guess I am to get inside “/”. I thought the next was “media”, but there’s nothing there. Help!

The funny thing is that the Ext HDD shows in my File Manager, but it won’t in the pop-up Open-file window of Shotcut :roll:
And the Ext HDD does show with lsusb too:

Bus 002 Device 002: ID 0480:0200 Toshiba America Inc External Disk

It’s not the first time I have this situation. For some reason it seems this is the way Shotcut does it. I just can’t recall what path I followed to get to the Ext HDD before.

Thanks guys!

I’ve always had this problem in Linux so I just drag and drop from my file manager.

You are right!
I don’t know why this was not working for me before. Now it is!

Thanks kenj69 :slight_smile:

It depends on your distro, but with the distros I have used usually it is /run/media/(your) username and your drive list should show. Sometimes it is /media/(your) username

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