How to move tracks?

Or is this feature not implemented yet?

I’m beginning to notice shortcomings of absolute necessary basics of any video editor. I like Shotcut for it’s simplicity but this just isn’t working…

I just want to add in a video track BELOW another, but I can’t choose any option or move the tracks.


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No-one is forcing you to use it or even like it, or even promising that it’s suitable for you in any way.
There are plenty of other options out there to try if Shotcut isn’t satisfactory.


Allright thanks for the tip.

I’m just saying that if they’d like to see more people use Shotcut, it would need at least the basic features.

I know it’s free, and open source, and I assume it’s there to help people out.

But regard my comments as things to improve, I’m not saying it to offend anyone.

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I would suggest that you ask around and explore more. Moving tracks isn’t supported, but people seems to work around that just fine. Maybe there are ways do to the other basic features but you just haven’t discovered them yet. @Steve_Ledger and others are pretty helpful around here. But you need to be a little more specific about what you are trying to accomplish.

Here’s how you can add a video track below another one.

If you want to add a track below V3.

Select V2. Right click and select Insert Track.


This will insert a track V3 above V2 and below V4 which used to be V3.



Apparently not.

The best in-shotcut workaround currently seems to be using the skip buttons (Alt + Leftarrow/ Alt + Rightarrow), ctrl+x/v and arrow keys for switching tracks.

Also you would want to disable “Ripple all tracks”.

A perfect hack is to edit the .mlt xml file. Just flipping two track IDs seems to do the job. Make sure to backup the mlt file (aka not overwrite it):


The hack to move tracks at the end of the video is brilliant. Thanks for sharing.:+1:

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First of all thanks for Shotcut!

When both “Add track” and “Insert track” places the new track above, that’s behind, the previous track a move/sort function will be very useful. In my case I wanted to insert an croma key clip after doing the main editing work. Googling I found the hack above but it would be nice to be able to do this without editing the project file.

(Making Insert track insert the track below the selected track would be another way of accomplishing this.)

If you need to insert a track below V2. Select V1 then insert track. The new track will be inserted above V1, the clips on V2 will be moved to V3 and V2 will be a new empty track between V1 and V3.


Yes, but when you have one track and want to place the second below you are stuck.

It’s always best to start a project with at least 2 tracks.

And then remember to start adding clips to the last track not the first.
Still think using add as after and insert as before would be a good idea. And also a move track function.

IMO it is better to have a program that make it easy for the user to correct mistakes or change his/her mind than one that gets you into trouble if you do not do the correct settings or choices when you start. So your suggestions are good but I do not think they solve the problem of missing move function.

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If you were to use “Save As” and then name each file differently as you progress it will help you a great deal.

If you ever need to go back to an older revision you can do so with ease.

Here in this video I tried to explain the trick of moving tracks around by using the XML tag updates. Please review and comment if there any other alternatives.

Some unnecessary steps. Same can be achieved simply by editing the <playlist id="playlist1"> into <playlist id="playlist2"> and scrolling up/down and doing the same vice versa.

…but, this doesn’t seem to work with multiple tracks. If I fiddle around with three video tracks, the order in which they are listed in the <tractor ...> block no longer seems to dictate the actual order in the UI (I just tested this). What does, I could not figure out with the 10 minutes I spent with this.

However, since reordering tracks is listed in the road map as a feature to be done (in the near future, I can only hope), perhaps most of us can just hang in there for little while longer, without slightly dodgy practice of manually editing project files… :smile:

Either way, sincere thank you for sharing potentially useful things with other users! Thumbs up from here!

Hi Hudson!

This has been given as an answer in few other threads as well, but manually dragging stream snippets from a track to another is only good for trivial projects - but then a track contains dozens of snippets, carefully time-wise aligned, that soon becomes rather nightmarish.

I am a new user, and my very first little video (less than 3 minutes) already had 11 tracks and countless snippets across those tracks - unfortunately, the project needed to be recreated two times over until I understood the correct number of necessary tracks and their order. Would I find myself yet again in a similar pinch, I would rather try to mess with the project file than start dragging snippets manually… :sweat_smile:

I for one, will welcome the capability to reorder tracks with great delight, once it arrives.

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I had misunderstood the tutorial. I deleted my response.
It only showed two small clips, not a full timeline.

I’ve also run into this issue. In my opinion, dragging tracks around would be a clean, intuitive, non-hacky way to reorder tracks. I wish I had the skills and time to contribute this to Shotcut. We shouldn’t advocate for users to edit XML files, when a simply 1-second drag and drop would solve the problem :-/

I tried inserting a video track above, then copying all clips from the bottom track to the clipboard. But when I paste them onto the newly inserted track, only one clip gets pasted. Again, counter-intuitive, to me at least.

@saron’s method of adding a video track below another one doesn’t work if you want to add a video track below V1.

The entire question of dragging tracks around is, in my opinion, a non-issue, it only comes up as a work-around for the basic problem, which is, that one cannot add a new track video track below the V1 position.
This, in turn, is a result of the design decision that there would be a single Insert Track option, instead of separate Insert Audio Track and Insert Video Track.

The entire problem would be resolved if this separation of function were implemented.
No existing control would change behavior, no surprises, nothing new to learn.
Only the slightly odd quirk, that if you needed a new track below the lowest existing video track, you would select the track beneath it, which is an audio track, and click on Insert Video Track. The new, empty video track would appear above the selected track, as is the usual case of Insert Track.

@kagsundaram It seems your proposition has been implemented. In Shotcut 21.09.20, I managed to insert a new video track below V1, by doing the following :

  • right click on V1 > Track Operations > Add Audio Track (Ctrl+U)
  • right click on the newly-created A1 > Track Operations > Insert Track (Ctrl+Alt+I) and choose “Video” in the popup window

This results in the previous V1 track being renamed to V2 and being on top, with a new V1 track below, and A1 at the bottom.