How to move one frame using Left and Right mouse button

Can’t figure out how to move one frame at a time using mouse button. I have click all over the place on the screen and nothing seems to work. If I click on the timeline the head moves to the frame where I click.

Use the left and right arrow keys to move one frame at a time.

If you hold shift and move the mouse over the timeline or the source viewer it will move the playhead. This lets you move the playhead around quickly on a long timeline.

I only want to move one frame at a time . . .
The help instructions I’ve read and one of the beginner’s videos I’ve watched say and show that the playhead can be moved one frame at a time using the left and right mouse button.

Where is this video?
As far as I know there is no way to move the playhead one frame at a time with the mouse buttons.

The only way you can move the playhead with the left mouse button is if you use it here.


It’s easier to use the left and right arrow keys.

Never heard of it either.
Here’s the list of available shortcuts
Shotcut - Keyboard Shortcut Reference

Thanks for clarifying this. I could not find the video again. The video’s audio was not very clear and I probably read something into it that it did not mean.
As far as the instructions see this:
"P.S. While it is rather obvious to use cursor left and right keys for single frame stepping, there is another technique so you do not have to remove your fingers from the JKL: while holding down K, tap J to step left or tap L to step right."

Instead of cursor left and right, (which I mistakenly took to mean clicking the left or right mouse button), this is referring to using the <-- and --> keyboard keys. Semantics.
Thanks again.

Cursor movement is controlled via the arrow keys. So this is a technically correct comment rather than semantics.

I suppose it is technically correct in Shotcut, but it certainly isn’t necessarily so in many, many other apps I’ve used. Keyboard keys are program(er) dependent. After 50 years of experience, I have repeatedly found software developers are notorious for making their users feel dumb or stupid or just frustrating them in general. Fortunately, I can still put up with this as I continue to work on learning new things.

Thanks again for helping with my newbie stupidity.

Shotcut’s developers are pretty good about helping users and are responsive to user’s suggestions.