How to move late filter to early in the order?

I may make 10-15 filters on my filters list but later on I may decide to add one at the end
(as this is where it would appear as a new added filter).
Is there any easy way to get this newly added filter to the beginning, even though it has to be moved
up over all the other earlier filters?

NOTE: This is a wave file moved into a video slot with video and audio filters.
Works great with filters to video, not well with filters added to wave files in the video slot.

I can get it to work, but it seems to only let me move up one filter at a time.

Drag and drop the filter into place.

please reread OP. Important info.

This updated information is super helpful.

I was able to reproduce what you are speaking of.
Appears to be a bug.

My steps that I was able to duplicate the situation.

  1. Added 5 video filters
  2. Added 1 audio filter
  3. Added 1 video filter
  4. Attempted to drag the last video filter added upward. The filter does not move.

Workaround: After I added the last video filter, I clicked on my only audio filter, then clicked back on the last video filter and was able to drag and drop.

Thanks for checking this out!

Do you know if this has been tagged as a bug? Thanks.

You can do it yourself.

To the right-hand side of the title of this post you will see this button:chrome_M7TD7jJOz2
Click on it,
change the category from Help/How To to Bug
and click the checkmark to validate chrome_IhhtNYcxls

This is fixed for the next release

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