How to move/copy multiple animation elements?

I just made an animation using a movie clip I divided in 2 parts, + a PNG, + audio clip. Each part have specific speed and filters. I need this ensemble in different places in the project. I know we cannot select multiple parts and copy/paste them somewhere else, so, is there a work around for this, or a different approach?

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For now I’m following sauron’s advice by copying the parts to the source then to the playlist.

You can export the sequence you want to reuse with a lossless preset (HuffYUV and Ut Video are most recommended) or the ProRes preset and bring those clips into your playlist to reuse.

Another option is to save those sequences you want to reuse as their own separate mlt files. Then open your main mlt project file and go to “File” and hit “Open MLT XML As Clip” so that you can use the the sequence saved in the mlt file as its own video clip.

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I am so so so glad I asked!
Thank you so much DRM, I love those options! :slight_smile:


You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

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