How to move all tracks at once as if they were a group

i have a intro i need to put in the front of my videos. and i want to pick up all the clips together as if they weren’t cut for editing. so that they dont lose any space or get weird unnneded transitions. how ca i grab every clip at once and move them as a whole? or can i append something to the front instead of back?

  1. In the Timeline menu, turn on Ripple All Tracks (you might want to turn that off after doing this).
  2. Position the play head to the beginning of the timeline.
  3. Open the video or image you want to put in the front into the Source player. (If it is already in Playlist, double-click it to open it in the Source viewer.)
  4. Trim and filter the clip within the Source player as needed (optional).
  5. Click the Paste button on the Timeline toolbar (or choose Edit > Paste in the menu or press Ctrl+V).

thank you. it helped a lot.

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