How to match file default paths?

I have to select the complete path to my project folder again and again, even if I have already done this in various file selections prompts (opening footage, opening projects, exporting, converting, stabilize-results, etc). Even if I have defned a project folder!

How can I avoid this and get the right file path?
Is there no way to get identical default paths?
I often loose files when they end up in destinations of formerly used projects if I forget to be sceptical about it.

Seems the selection prompts seem to remember its file path separately for each occasion.
Is it worth to suggest a user setting to allow the following options:
Default file path: a) to project folder b) last used (common) c) last used (type-individual, as now done)

Shotcut does save some paths to its hidden configuration:


  • openPath
  • savePath
  • encode/path

But there are many dialogs, and a path item is only updated on certain ones. That behavior is called sticky (remember last used), but it is not super sticky. If it were super sticky, then it would change the open path in situations where you would not prefer it, and super sticky can be annoying. A project folder does not override any of these values, but in cases where a file is generated, i.e. Stabilize) it saves a file automatically in the project folder. More details about project folder in

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