How to make white bar appearing from the top ti put black text on it aka meme video?

I have no clue how to do it especially without messing with original video resolution and quality. Much help appreacited, thanks in advance.

I can make something like this, but then I have those black bars on the sides, tell me what I can do about it.

Hi @macor
Why don’t you find and show us a video example that shows exactly what you want to do. Please give the time code if the example is part of a long video.

something like that but without making the video itself smaller and adding bar at the top in artificial way. I would to just add a white bar above the video itself, tell me if that’s possible or I am dreaming. Thanks.

I don’t understand why adding text would “make the video itself smaller”

Put your text filter on a transparent clip, and on a track above your other clip(s).
Use the text filter’s Background settings to add a white (or any color)) background to the text.
Use the Padding parameters to make the text background bigger if you want.
Edit the Position parameters to position the text anywhere you want on the screen.

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