How to make video clip with transparent background?


Been a while since I play around with shotcut with green background and making it transparent.
I can’t remember for sure and past threads in shotcut history does seems to remind me …

Well I have a video with green background.
All I needed is to produce / export this video clip with transparent background.
I recall trying using UT Video and Quicktime Animation format for exporting.
Somehow this time round … with current version of shotcut v20.07.11 … I cannot get a transparent background video clip.

I put my video with green background on V3 and apply a simple chroma with key=green.
And put a transparent video clip on V1 … using Open Other/Color (transparent default in SC).

But export results, background is black …

Any help ? to confirm that SC actually does not export video clip with transparent background?
or I simply forgotten how to get it right ?

Appreciate to refresh my memory …

Hi …
When further back to review the history around this topic . .indeed many around shotcuts.
But none of them solve this problem except this thread … seems most promising

Appears only Solution 1 can resolve partially this requirement couple with @ddennedy (I think he is our shotcut leader now @leader) added instruction …

Solution 1 works if you simply remove V1 after you are done using the background to adjust the key.

I did achieve “transparent” background video clip with export presets Alpha > Quicktime Animation …
However, my main character also have parts of her body also becomes transparent.???

Just to show u the step on Solution 1 that I took following what was done earlier in the history thread above with added @ddennedy

Image 1: solution 1 …
Image 2: added @ddennedy instruction to remove V1 video clip.
Image 3: Final solution … background transparent, but main character also have partial transparency ?? why?
Can I solve it using “alpha channel” or something … I am at a loss now …

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3: final output confirms transparent background on video clip … but main character also have partial transparency ?? how to avoid this?

Hi there,

Found the solution !! …
Instead of using Chroma Key:Simple filter, I changed it to Chroma Key:Advance set Operation=Minimum.

Then follow Solution 1 with V1 transparent clip remove or hide, then export to preset=Alpha > Quicktime Animation, will get a video clip output with transparent background perfectly. !!

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