How-to make the Shotcut flatpak install's Fonts Larger

Hi all. :slight_smile:
I’ve just installed the Shotcut flatpak on MX Linux. It started up OK, though with my eyes the way they are (& on a 24" monitor) I need to make the user interface fonts larger in Shotcut.

So I went to the Shotcut Menu > Settings > User Interface , & I find that it is ghosted out? Is there something that I need to know to make this work? I really do need larger fonts to be able to use Shotcut.

I have used Shotcut v19.01 in the past (early 2019 I think), unfortunately I don’t remember if I found a way to enlarge the fonts back then or not?

Any help will be gratefully appreciated.

Hi @handy
The Settings menu is sort of divided in 3 submenus: Project, Player and User Interface.
The “User Interface” line of text is not clickable because it’s just the name of that submenu.
The Project and Player lines can’t be clicked either.

There is no way to change the interface text size in Shotcut. But I think I’ve read that some people will change the text size of their operating system and that will make the text in Shotcut bigger as well.
I never tried it though.

hmm I just switched to the Fusion Light theme and yes, those lines look like they are grayed (inactive) menu items. Maybe that’s something that should be improved.

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@MusicalBox , thanks for your reply. I feel a little more stupid than usual now… :wink: I am using quite a dark theme which does make it a bit harder to differentiate some things.

Another method would be to change the screen size, (use less pixels so that they are all bigger pixels) I don’t like that too much either.

I just tried using qt5ct (Qt5 Config Tool), I made the fonts much bigger there & then started up Shotcut - unfortunately it made no difference. Hmm… I’ll see if I can come up with something else.

On my system (Fedora Linux 36 / Gnome) shortcut use the same font size as my system, so if I make it larger then the font in shotcut get larger too.
A flatpak is a sandbox, so it will not use the same settings as the host system, so when you run tools like qt5ct installed as normal packages, the flatpak will not use these settings, shotcut flatpak settings will be located in ~/.var/org.shotcut.Shotcut

You can start a shell inside the shotcut sandbox used

flatpak run --command=bash org.shotcut.Shotcut

You might be able to run qt5ct in this shell, have not tested if qt5ct is available in the KDE runtime flatpak used by shotcut

Thank you for your valuable input @TimLau. After a nights sleep I’ll pursue your leads & see what I can come up with. I’ll feed back the results when I have them.

Thanks again.

I had a look & there is no obvious way for me to edit the ~/.var/app/org.shotcut.Shotcut/config/Meltytech/shotcut.conf to get the desired result. I looked at any other conf type files nested in the ~/.var/* to no avail.
It certainly makes using Shotcut a tricky proposition in my circumstances, when the fonts are so small. I run 21 point fonts as standard on this Linux system.
It must be very difficult for people that are using even larger than 24" displays.

[edit:] Also, when I tried to run the command you suggested:

flatpak run --command=bash org.shotcut.Shotcut

I got a command not found error pointing to “flatpak”. I tried a couple of workarounds but they failed.

Try running with --QT_SCALE_FACTOR 2

Thanks for your reply.

I used your suggestion & Shotcut was magnified. Now it is too big for my 24" 1920x1200 display. I don’t suppose --QT_SCALE_FACTOR 1.5 would work? :wink:

Actually, I ran it with --QT_SCALE_FACTOR 1.5 & it works just right!
Thanks for the heads up, I wasn’t expecting to find a solution. :smiley:


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