How to Make Facebook Cover Video at 820 x 312?

Is there a tutorial out there that explains this…? Do you use a the custom under settings? And when do you apply a custom size, after you bring in some footage? or before?

Any Help would be awesome :slight_smile:

This resolution is a recommendation for images. Using these for a film is unusual, because for videos they are not dividable by 16.
Plus, facebook makes a difference between a mobile and desktop representation.

So, take a resolution near that recommendation, for e.g. 832x320.

Create under >settings>videomode>custom>add a new resolution with the name “FB 832x320” for e.g.

  • Resolution: 832 x 320
  • Aspect ratio: 832 : 320
  • Frames/sec: (depends on your filmsource)
    Leave the other two settings unchanged.

Now create your footage between min. 20 and max. 90 seconds.
Be sure that your content is centered or make it in marquee, because different browsers make different representations.

I hope I could help you!

Video resolution does not need to be divisible by 16, but they do need to be divisible by 2 for many codecs. Yes, it is slightly wasteful due to macroblock size, but it can be done.
Facebook does recommend this size for cover videos but also 820 x 462.

It is easy in Shotcut by creating a custom video mode: Settings > Video Mode > Custom > Add…
or New Project > Video Mode > Custom > Add…
For the Aspect ratio you can simply enter the same values as your resolution to get the expected result. For Frames/sec choose something based on the main source video you are using. Leave the Scan Mode set to Progressive and Colorspace to ITU-R BT.709.

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Do we do these setting Before or after we open a video clip? Is there a way to save this to the video modes?


That is what this does:

Once you have done this you will always have this mode available to you.

Ok, not to sound dumb… bet at what point in the process to we apply this setting? I do this and the preview box looks no different :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your help

Only if you enter something in the Name box.

Do it before you start a project and adding videos.

Make sure the new Video Mode is selected. The video might be padded with black to maintain that clip’s aspect ratio. Then, it is padded with black to fill the video mode resolution. If you want to remove the black bars, add the Crop: Source filter to the clip and click the Center checkbox. From there, you can use the Center Bias to control the positioning of the cropped video. If that does not give you the precise control you want, remove that filter and add Size and Position instead.

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Thanks you all… I’ll play with this and see how it works I’m sure.


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