How to make an image appear from left to right? (a fade in style effect)

So lets say I have an image overlay in the video.
I can fade it in, but I want it to be a kind of “scrolling” fade in, so that it appears in full opacity, just “animated”, appearing from left to right.

Is that possible with the current filters?
Thank you!

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I’m not quite sure if this is what you are asking, but:

Just add a “Mask: Simple Shape” to the image keyframing the Horizontal. Set the Width and Height to maximimum and the softness to minimum and keyframe the Horizontal from minimum at the start, to a value where the whole image appears at the end.


Something like this

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No, not like this at all

I want the text to start and stay centered. I don’t want it to move.

I just want it to fade in from left to right, instead of the whole picture fading in together.

There are already multiple options of this sort in crossfades, there are many different crossfade “Styles”, but no “fade in” styles

I haven’t tested what elusien suggested yet, I will in a min

It is absolutely possible! I made a video demo for you based on Elusien’s excellent answer. In the video I used the Mask:Simple filter in several ways to swipe in video, and static images I also used the same technique to swipe out overlay content.



I have also made a tutorial on how to do something like this, but in a much simpler way
using transitions

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Subscribed :slight_smile: I love this! How nice and simple! Is there any way to make the progress of the transition non-linear? The reason I would use key framing is so I had control of the easing. But If I am trying to bang out a big project and linear in and out is good enough this saves you a bunch of time.

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You can use a mask from file with a transaction and then leyframe the Threshold parameter like this
It gives you full control over the transaction.

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I was about to suggest Mask: From File and animate the Threshold. However, I found a problem with the Reverse option not working as intended that I am fixing for the next version. I find it more convenient to use simple keyframes for this.


I was able to use the Mask from file… kinda with an image over an image. I had 2 tracks, lower track static image, upper track static image split into two clips. drag over to trigger a transition. I put barn door on the transition. Then I put mask from file barn door on the transition clip. From there I can use the threshold to transition in the top track. With some imperfections but it worked.

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Would you ever consider adding the same style choices for fade-in as you have for cross-fades?
That would be awesome.

It feels like there’s a whole bank of existing effects already implemented that just need an “on” button (though I know it’s not as simple as that, probably)

Thank you.

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