How to make a transition with 2 videos at same time with a bar or other object moving?

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How to make a transition with 2 videos at same time with a bar or other object moving ?

Like this image sequence below

Previous video is ending and I need a transition with a red bar moving from left to right and the next video starting and geting space as bar moving and previous videos losing space till bar get out of video to right and next video get all screen space ?

thanks in advance


Hi @conteudoAnimal.
Here’s a DiagonalBar filter set transition.
Create a 1 second transition between the 2 clips.
Choose transition: Diagonal Top Left, Softness 60%
Apply the filter set.
Select the Color Grading filter to change bar color.

You can also create a bar with Glaxnimate (944 Bytes)
-How to install this effect :
Open Shotcut > Settings > App Data Directory > Show > filter-sets folder
Unzip the archive and drag the selected transition files into this folder. Then, close and restart Shotcut.


You beat me to it @SergeC :rofl:

I just finished doing this. Since we use different methods, I’ll post it anyway, as an alternative.

@ConteudoAnimal, this will work on a 1080p, 30 fps project.
It is a Filter Set to animate a diagonal bar. (642 Bytes)

If your projects have different dimensions and/or frame rate, you will need to edit the size of the diagonal bar, and/or the values of the keyframes.

  • Create a 1-second transition between two clips (let’s say on track V1).
  • Make sure the transition is selected, go to the Properties panel and choose the Bar Horizontal option.
  • Set Softness to 0.
  • On track V2, add a color clip. Any color of your choice. This will be the color of the diagonal bar.
  • Change the duration of that color clip to 01:12 sec.
  • Center it over the transition


  • Select the color clip.
  • Apply my Diagonal-bar-transition Filter Set.



Sorry :smiling_face_with_tear: :frowning_face:. I had this filter set in stock. Your way works good. :+1:
Désolé :smiling_face_with_tear: :frowning_face:. J’avais ce filter set en magasin. Votre méthode est très efficace.

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I did and worked 100% … I just add another track with a bar image and moved to follow transition … thanks a lot !

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