How to make a text overlay background transparent

Hi, so I’ve literally searched the whole web and cannot find the answer to this question.

So basically what I want is my background which I already have, and the second layer is just a transparent rectangular shape on the background layer. then I will have a text on top of the transparent rectangle.

My question is, how do I create the transparent shape in the background? I can only create the rectangle, but I don’t know how to make it transparent.

PS- here is an additional question if anyone can help me with this: How do you move forward or backward a text or image? sometimes the image is in front of my text and its blocking it. How do I move it backward and forward?

Can you show us a screenshot of the project. The rectangle, is it an image or a green screen video?

File > Open Other > Text. It opens in the Source player.Next, add it to the timeline on a track above the background.

How do you move forward or backward a text or image?

The order of the video tracks is important. They are in a vertical stacking order. What is on a track above will appear above. If the images are the same size, you need to do something to affect the images above to allow something below to show. That can be opacity, resizing, a blend mode, chroma key, or anything that affects the alpha channel.

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