How to link/parent/glue two clips?

They both used to belong to the same clip. I cutted the original to remove a mid part. Now I’d like to link the 2 remainders for easier manipulation.
Is this possible?

Thanks guys!

Make sure both clips are right against each other then right click on the left clip and pick “Merge with next clip”.

Edit: Sorry this method only works if the two clips you are trying to merge followed one another. If you cut out a clip in the middle then the above method won’t work.

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If you put the mid part back you can use merge with next clip to re attach the clips.
You could copy each clip to the source viewer. Add them to the playlist. Then export from playlist to create one clip.

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This is great to know.
Thank you both!


sauron - Actually, how do you copy a clip to the source viewer?

Select the clip on the timeline. Press c to copy the clip to the viewer. Click the source tab. Then click the “+” icon or press Shift A to add it to the playlist.

Wow, I just tried it! It’s great!
The more I use Shotcut the more I love it! It’s so simple! :heart_eyes:

Thanks sauron

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