How to link different audio and video tracks?

Hello everyone,

I need some help to syncronize sound and video. I have a video capture and an audio capture (from a lapel microphone). I already syncronized the tracks thanks to a clap, but I would like that when I make cuts in the video, it also cut the sound track at the same place. How to link the two?
For the moment when i make a video cut, it is not reproduced on the audio track and it desyncronizes me.

Thanks for helping, and sorry for my english (i’m from France, if anyone speak French ?)

For the moment, there is no linking audio and video tracks together. You’re going to have to make the cuts to each audio and video clip as you make them. Linking or grouping clips is on the Roadmap (#5 on the list):

Currently, you have to use a workaround:

  1. Make a cut on the audio as well as video track and enable the lock on all tracks that should not change.
  2. Enable the ripple toggles.
  3. Make changes like deleting or moving sections.
  4. Disable the ripple toggles to not mess up other edits.

Quite tedious, but I do not know any other simpler way.

A simple way to make cuts to the video and audio tracks at the same spot.

Select the video/audio track. Put the playhead at the point to cut. Make a cut.
Do not move the playhead. Press up or down arrow keys to go to the track where you want the next cut. Make a cut. Repeat as necessary.



To expand on what @samth said… the Ripple All Tracks toggle is your friend.

You would only need to cut a single track… either on the video or the audio, doesn’t matter. Once you’ve got splits in place that create a block you want to delete… select the block, turn on the Ripple All Tracks button and hit the “X” keyboard shortcut or click the Minus button on the timeline toolbar to ripple delete that block. The other track(s) will collapse with it because Ripple All Tracks is on. This is a very fast way to collapse dead air out of an interview.

You can use the trackhead Lock icon to prevent a ripple delete from applying to that track (for instance, to not ripple delete your background music track).

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Many thanks everyone for the these quick and precise answers.
I used the technique given by @sauron it works pretty well !

By the way, i have an other question if anyone can help me again : In my video which is an interview, I have a video track, a voice track and a music track.
I would like the music to be less loud than the voice (just for a smooth background), how to adjust this volume while keeping the voice to the maximum ?

Many thanks again

Add a Gain / Volume filter to the music track/clip. Adjust the level with the slider.


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Clear and effective ! Thank you again @sauron

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