How to link a translator into shotcut?

I am making a tutorial with Spanish subtitles, I have done 1/4 of the tutorial. But it’s taking a whopping amount of time to write, copy, translate, copy and paste.

So is there any way from which I could link google translate directly into shotcut, or is it even possible?
If there is coding required, how can I make such type of filter with my very limited C++ knowledge?

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Are you doing it using a subrip file (.srt) or are you burning each subtitle cue into the video by hand using the text:Simple/Rich filters?

In the past I used my subrip generator: SubRip SRT Subtitles Generator to create the .srt then copy-pasted the whole file into google translate in one go. I had to check it as sometimes it converted the comma (,) in the timecode into a period(.).

If you are putting the video on Youtube you can add multiple SRT files in different languages - see Add subtitles and captions - YouTube Help

Some time ago I put together a small HTML/Javacript file that takes a .srt file and “plays” it in the browser. I can then use as a browser-source in OBS to record it on a green-screen and feed the resulting video as a clip into my Shotcut project. The file is a bit basic though and I’ve been waiting to get a few days free to tidy it up to make it into an acceptable utility.

I have also put together a utility that acepts a .srt file and generates a .mlt file with a single transparent clip that has all the subtitles included in it at the correct points in time. Again, this is in a rough form that requires a couple of days’ effort to make available to the public.

Hopefully I’ll get some time next week to progress these to a point where I can make them available.

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I am burning each subtitle cue by hand.

I will make a seperate file for Spanish text and copy paste on YouTube separately.

I will try your Subrip SRT Subtitles generator after reading the tutorial to use it.

I will definitely try it after it is released. And your website has became mobile friendly too👍.

Yes, someone (it may have been you) pointed out that there was a problem a couple of months ago, so I edited the CSS to make it mobile friendly.

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