How to just export the separated or detached audio file as mp3?

Version 22.01.30 - Windows 7

I have separated the audio from the video and I just want to export the audio as mp3 - how do I do it?

Thank you for your help :smiley:


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Aloha !

As usual Hudson555x’ answer is spot on so this might be a bit of topic.

If you have the program Audacity (for Win, Linux etc) you can simply open the video file.
This means there will be no exporting with potentional loss of quality :smiley:





@Hudson555x Thank you so much - I checked the formats before posting for help, I don’t know how I missed it :stuck_out_tongue:

@jecepede - thank you so much for that tip, I wanted to export the audio so that I could apply my macros to it in Audacity, you saved me a few steps :smiley:


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