How to jump to previous/next cut?

Guys, I cannot seem to find it among the timeline tools so: how do I move precisely the playhead to previous / next cut on the timeline? I only see “Previous marker” and “Next marker” buttons.

I’ve looked in the Shotcut shortcuts (Shotcut - Keyboard Shortcut Reference) but nothing there as well.

I have version 22.06.23 on Windows 10 64 bit.

You were close! On the keyboard shortcut reference, it’s called “Seek next edit” and “Seek previous edit”. Currently, that means Alt or Option plus left/right arrow key.

Aaaah, I am blind… Thank you for quick response, I can safely close this. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just wondering why these commands don’t have their button counterparts on the timeline (as the Previous / Next Marker do). Who knows…

I don’t know for sure, but probably because double-clicking a clip also moves the playhead to the beginning of it. That is probably more efficient than moving the cursor to a toolbar button for “Next”.

I guess it is to avoid duplicates, they are just above

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Thank you, they really are there. I should have seen it. Still getting familiar with the UI.

I actually think I hovered over these before but the “previous / next POINT” pop-up got me confused. I thought it was for markers or something like that.

Now it is crystal clear. Thank you again, guys. :slightly_smiling_face:

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