How to jump to next/previous key frame and and set breakpoint?

Assume I dragged an .avi/.mp4/*.mkv video onto Shotcut.

Now I want to cut some ads out of the video.
The cut should take place at the nearest keyframe to the beginning of the ad.

Therefore I place the cursor at first manually somewhere near the beginning of the ad and I want now to jump one keyframe back or forth.

How do I do this with Shotcut?

I don’t see any corresponding icons.

Furthermore: Assume I positioned it finally at a keyframe: How do I tell Shotcut to remember this position as the beginning of an interval (which later should be cut/deleted)?
I see no “remember as start-frame”-icon.

Thank you

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Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to go frame by frame.

When you want to cut use the split cut icon in the toolbar(box with vertical dots).

Make a cut at the end of the commercial. Right click om the commercial and select remove.

Or “S” for split
Just see on the shortcuts page !

It could be that I completely misunderstood your question, but let’s see… Shotcut is not aware of key (I) frames in the source material such as something like Avidemux. The placement of keyframes is rather meaningless to an editor like Shotcut that brings everything into the uncompressed realm for editing/filtering/composition and exports it as something new. It is not a tool for working with streams at a low level and providing copy or pass-through like behavior. See “How do I cut or trim a clip without encoding or transcoding it?” in the FAQ.

Hmm, interesting. Does that mean if I cut commercials out of a video like described above then the whole video is re-encoded? Or are only parts of the video (until the next frame) re-encoded (which would be acceptable.

Hi, I usualy edit videos in Shotcut but I remove the unnecessary parts of the the clips with Avidemux using the keyframes as reference like you described in your original post. I can then save the clip without transcoding the video, I only transcode the audio to AAC (original is PCM) and save the resulting video with the mp4 container. I think this is what you need if you aren’t doing any fancy editing to your videos.

Ok, thank you for the answer.

However it is disappointing.
Why do I need Shotcut if it is not able to perform one of the most basic and important tasks: cuting & deleting chunks out of a video?

I don’t understand why you say “Why do I need Shotcut if it is not able to perform one of the most basic and important tasks: cutting & deleting chunks out of a video?

Shotcut is really a video editor that can cut and delete chunks of video clips and do many more things! If you can’t do this with Shotcut you didn’t understand the basic flow of video editing with it. Please check this tutorial video:

When I suggested about using Avidemux was because it can make what you requested in your original post very easily. Jump between keyframes is as simple as pressing the buttons. Mark and delete chunks of the video is also very easy. In the end you can save the video without transcoding which is very nice if you don’t need to.

With Shotcut you put the video in the player, watch the video or slide the rule to the frame you want to cut, mark it pressing the i letter in the keyboard, select the end of the clip you want, press the o keyboard and it’s selected. You just need to add it to the playlist or timeline to compose the final video with the parts you want.

In the end you have to export the video and it will be transcoded to the selected file format you want and this is the way Shotcut and many other video editors handle the editing flow. If basic video cutting without transcoding is what you need, other tools should be used like Avidemux.

I hope I have somehow helped to understand how to do what you want with Shotcut but please don’t diminish the wonderful video editor that it is since is one of the best free editors out there if not the best.

Ok, thank you.
The hint with the “i” and “o” key was the needed information.

However I miss two features:

  • Why is there no “delete” submenu in “Edit” menu? (which obviously deletes the currently selected video chunk)
  • Why is there no “copy” in “video” and “audio” tab of export? (which obviously just copies the source to target?


Hi, once again.

You have the Cut option in the Edit menu. It should do what you need, remove a selected chunk of video, I think. The reason for the Delete don’t be in the Edit menu it’s because you won’t used that in the edition flow of videos with Shotcut.

Also while editing the video think in the clips you want to include, not the ones you want to remove. I think this way of thinking is going against you when you try to edit videos with Shotcut. Please see the videos in the tutorial section of the Shotcut site, it will make your life easier.

And for the export part, like I said, the final video edit is exported which means all contents will be transcoded to the final video/audio format you choose. This is the way it works, if you need to copy without transconding you should look for other tool.

Peter, why do you insist that Shotcut be like Avidemux? Why not just use Avidemux instead? I already answered your questions about “why.” Deal with it as I am not going to change it.