How to invite more Shotcutters

Hi, the robot told me today that I have been made member.

And that I could now love your postings more than ever and could send out invitations from my user page. Sadly cannot find anything to click, so it is maybe configured to be a secret syntax that I have to type into the search-box like
send-invite:// Yes? No?

Do members also gets nices free cats picjas? Or free cats videoses?

Sorry, if it is obvious, I did look for quite a while.


Go to your profile page, Click on Invites, Click on Send Invite.
I believe the only way is by email.
I thing the best way to share Shotcut is how you use this software with others.

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Ha, you did it! I now see it too, it came up between Messages and Badges. Maybe I was too impatient or I should have logged in and out once after I got the message about my “promotion”.

Will invite my two colleagues from my office who are also editing our stuff for YouTube. That way I can share certain answers with them more efficiently.

Good weekend and thanks of course.

You can share this with anyone, they don’t have to be logged in, or join, to read the support forum.
Just click on the chain link symbol at the bottom of each post/reply.