How to increase runtime when insert a jpg

Hello folks, when I insert a JPEG there is a time limit of 10min. I need a much longer time, how can I change that time? Thanks for any help.

Copy and paste another copy of the 10 minute JPG on the timeline.

:smiley: That’s what I already did, but I hoped for a slightly more elegant solution - thanks anyway mate.

There’s nothing inelegant about a decades old standard and most important computational function of copy’n’paste which has it’s roots in the print industry where it too was [and still is] an important standard practice.
Testament to this is that Copy/Paste functions are found in every software application [with some rare exceptions]. Without access to such basic functions daily use of a computer would be measurably more tedious for millions of office workers, developers, content creators, writers and graphic artists. :).

I don’t think OP was implying that cut-paste (repeated) wasn’t elegant in its own functionality, rather that it would have been more elegant for this specific task to permit image durations to be greater than 10 minutes.

What is the technical reason why images are limited to 10 minutes?

I for one have found that while cut-pasting additional blocks is easy enough, the multitude of blocks can at times result in accidental gaps if you’ve moved things around by accident (easy way of course naturally is to lock the video row once you’re set) or if you’re running several similar images over a long period of time you can sometimes pick up the wrong one.

So while it’d be a very low priority item, it would be nice to eventually have images being able to have a duration that isn’t limited to 10 minutes. It’s by no means a show-stopper, it’s just a nice to have UI tweak.

Thanks both of you for your statements. You are right one can live with it. It was irritating for me because all the programs I worked with resp. tested this feature was different i.e. you can just drag the end of the file in the timeline to the desired spot. However besides this detail shotcut is definitely one of the better programs and can also compete with non freewares.

I agree that it seems counter-intuitive to not be able to stretch the jpeg as needed. Cut and paste is certainly a good Plan B, Maybe the idea of stretching static images (e.g., jpeg’s) should be in the wish list? Or maybe there’s a program issue that keeps this from happening?