How to incorporate a HTML file into Shotcut?

Hi, please can someone advise me how I can incorporate a HTML file into a video in Shotcut?

Sussed it out now, by adding another video line, and then use Size Position and Rotate etc. I was looking for a HTML filter which I see has been discontinued, unless anyone knows another method.

Yes the Text: HTML filter was discontinued in 2020. I still have a copy of Shotcut version 20.07.11 that I use whenever I need that filter. I generate a “Quicktime Animation” video, which preserves the alpha (transparency) channel and then go back to using the latest Shotcut version and open this video on a track.

Other ways of doing it is to run the HTML file in a browser and do a screen recording, e.g. using Sharex, or open it as a “browser source” in OBS and save the recording. Neither of these two methods preserve the alpha channel, so you’ll have to use a “green screen” background and make it transparent in Shotcut using one of the Chroma Key filters.

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I should have added that if your HTML contains animations it is not simply a matter of using the Text: HTML filter on version 20.07.11. In this case your best bet is to use one of the other 2 methods.

Thanks for that info, I will definitely try your recommendations.

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