How to improve my audio and get rid of bass boost?


I’m not too advanced and I’m constantly fighting with my audio side. Lately I’ve bought a new microphone and… after initial excitement I’m highly disappointed. In my humble opinion this microphone gives very bass boosted and unnatural sound (by default).

I’ve prepared small shotcut project with my wav clip and my filters which I used for improving my audio. Even if with those filters it’s a bit better, I have impression that voice is quite flat.

Would you be so nice and could you look on this file both in the version without filters and with filters on and perhaps suggest some improvements?

I’m so disappointed that I’m thinking about buying another microphone (it would be the third in the last time). However I’m wondering if it’s a problem of microphone or of my knowledge how to set well audio filters?

@Austin You are true expert here. Would you have some suggestions please? :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for help. :slight_smile:

Link to the project (with wav file included): - Google Drive

I personally did not find anything wrong with the record. The audio processing with noise cancelling does look fine. too.
You can experiment with the ideal distance of the microphone to reduce the the unwanted mouth noises even further.
If you have a condenser mic maybe the angle where you talk into can also make a difference.

I think you just don’t like to hear your voice out of a loudspeaker. That’s a very common issue :wink: !

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It sounds a little bit boxy, but nothing that would annoy me.You may take off 2-3dB around 380-400hz and 138hz with an equalizer to get rid of some muddiness.

Hmm… I don’t like this audio. It’s not as rich as I would expect. Removing 380-400 Hz and 138Hz means it’s still too much bass? But how to make this voice nicer for listening?

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