How to import multiple video clips (numbered 1-50) onto playlist

I cannot import multiple video clips (MP4 - numbered 1-50 etc) on to play list in order of 1-50, they appear completely out of order. This should be a simple process but isn’t. It is very time consuming to get all these clip into the time line in order. However I’ve created multiple videos using hundreds of jpg images only the same way with no problems. (slide show video).

Hi @TimColton

What version of Shotcut are you using (ex: version 22.06.23)

Give an example of you files names

As an example, if I import files named like this in the Playlist,
explorer_5PZv4ceUWz or this explorer_DIa1XyAvUx

they will all be sorted correctly.

Well, I’ve determined that using the - “Open File” - selecting ALL files (1.mp4 / 2.mp4 / 3.mp4 etc) places them into the time line in order (1-2-3 etc).
I like select all, drag and drop - I just determined that it is picky exactly where you place the pointer when you drag and drop / EXAMPLE, if you just grab the highlighted block just any old place (say #3) the 3rd file will show up first on the time line.
Conclusion) - I’ve figured it out and thanks for the response - I just need to be more careful where I place the pointer when dragging and dropping.

In case you don’t already know this: There is an option in the Playlist Menu allowing to choose how to sort the clips.

In the latest version (22.09.23), released earlier today:


In previous versions:


Thank You, Yes I actually tried using the “Sort by” option to no avail (to my surprise). I will download the new version soon. I have put together many “Slide Show Videos” from past events along with a few videos from the dozen trail camera on the ranch along with footage from my DJI Mini 2 drone. I’m inspired to learn. I’m old too. Thanks Again

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