How to hide or remove labels from timeline clips

This has been partially answered elsewhere, but unless I missed something, it doesn’t seem to solve my issue with it.

Is there a way to hide or remove the entire label from a timeline clip?

This is really important for me in order to manually synchronise video and audio which is nigh on impossible with the filename label obstructing the audio waveform.


If I go into Properties and then Spacebar and Enter, it appears to remove the label, but it still leaves a white bar, albeit shorter than the original label and, sadly, it still obstructs the audio waveform.

I want to just remove or hide it completely. How can I do this, please on a label by label situation, not all labels (by, for example, changing the opacity of labels in the code, but this would remove all timeline labels which is not the result sought after).

Thank you in advance.

Not available
Increase your track height enough to see the full waveform if that is what you need.

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Thank you for your reply. This doesn’t solve my issue but if there’s no solution I will simply have to live with it.

Can you explain why it is not solved? I tried it and I think it is a good solution:

  1. Waveform is obscured by the label

  2. Hit keyboard shortcut “CTL +” to make tracks taller - waveform is completely visible to make edits

  3. After edits are complete, hit keyboard shortcut “CTL -” to make tracks shorter again

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For me, CTRL + is nothing but a workaround, especially for audio tracks, it’s not a solution. But if this is a solution for you, I’m very happy for you. For me, I want to be able to switch the labels off. I have no use for them.
I typically have 10 or more tracks, visible all the time (no scroll bar at right). That’s my preference and my workflow, I don’t want to have to change my preferences and/or workflow using CTRL +.
If somebody knows how I can switch them off, thank you in advance. If not, no worries, it’s not going to kill me.

You can edit the installed share/shotcut/qml/views/timeline/Clip.qml depending on your OS and package (some are sealed such as appimage and some are signed such as macOS). Then, you find the two instances of Text {, for example:

    Text {
        id: label

        text: clipName
        visible: !elided && !isBlank && !isTransition

and change it to visible: false

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I’ve been away for a while so it hasn’t been an issue since you left your kind reply. To be clear to anybody else interested in this issue, ALL of the following lines in Clip.qml have to have their visibility set to false in order to remove both left and right labels as well as their background highlights:
Many thanks to @shotcut for pointing me in the right direction.

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