How to have different fonts in text filter?

I feel like the basic text filter is bland… and I kinda want my videos to have colorful poped text, I already know how to color it but is there any way to add more detail or no…?

Photoshop > PNG with alpha transparency > Add to new video track > Enable composite

Wait so I would use the fonts from Photoshop, not from the video recorder…

You mean video editor?
The point is, Shotcut has limited font effects, you want more then use a raster editor such as Photoshop to create your effects then import the PNG image into Shotcut.


Kinda fixed it using bold effects, also personally I think it would be a pain to export the text in from Photoshop, but thanks.

Suit yourself, but it’s very common practice and normal workflow to prepare assets for use in Video editors.

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You can get creative with text by layering (using multiple video tracks). This video shows what I mean: