How To Have An Image Floating On Top?

I know we can do this. I blundered into a youtube vid about doing it. But now I can’t find it.

This woman put some images on the timeline on a video line above her main line where the movie was.

then she did something so’s those images would show as she played the movie.

i can do that easy enough. Movie plays in the back and the images display on top.

But she was able to change the opacity and the size and the location of the displayed image.

so she had the movie playing with a little rectangle top left half opaque displaying an image.

I can’t find the controls for doing that.

Can someone tell me where they are, please?

You need to use multiple video tracks in the Timeline and add filters to the video on the upper track.
Please take the time to watch some tutorials before asking basic questions.
See Picture-in-Picture and Add Video Filter here:

yep, okay, sorry. Perhaps you can delete that question? Save cluttering up the forum?

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