How to hardware encoding

How can I render and edit with my GPU? The tick is on “Used hardware encoder” on. Next to configuring are 2 ticks in the two nvec things. Nevertheless, Shotcut does not use a GPU when editing and rendering.

Hello which GPU do you have? Model, Manufacturer? Also which OS are you using?

I have the GTX 1050 TI and I usw windows.

Here ya go

Do I have to take hevc nvenc? Because I do not own the codec and I do not want to buy it. Can one take also another codec? And with quality you have to do there 100%, so it is not a loss of quality?

Use which ever codec works well with your system(computer). As in it doesn’t use that much CPU. HEVC on shotcut seems to use less cpu on my system and more GPU, it may be different to yours. Check on Task manager to compare cpu usuage on different codecs… As for quality I use 85% as 100% makes the file a bit bigger as I upload on youtube and my internet upload is slow. To play HEVC file use VLC media player. Good luck

Hello. I have this kind of dummy:
When I choose the codec: hevc_nvenc use of the graphics card is only 20-40%
(no effects applied, only cut.)
One minute H265 4k 60fps = 3 minutes of rendering.

When I choose a codec: nvenc_hevc, the graphics card is 75-100%
(no effects applied, only cut.)
One minute H265 4k 60fps = 55 seconds of rendering.

8700k & 1080ti 16gb CL16

How do you know? From the GPU usage? That alone may not be enough to tell as the things that must still use the CPU can prevent maxing out the GPU. From the export time? You need to compare an export of the same project with and without hardware encoder checked and show your results. Ultimately, look in the export job log for lines containing “nvenc” (or NVENC). If you have these things checked and the exported result contains video, then it must be using NVENC because there is no automatic fallback to software encoding.

Which version of shotcut are you using? Can you make a video of this? Also please show your settings in the video.

Hello. In the smallest version (v19.07.15), both encoders render with the “full power” of the graphics card.
Here is the video:

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It seems like a 4 second difference, not much difference.

On my system I disable (un tick) Parallel Processing. It’s much quicker without it. There’s less CPU usuage and the CPU doesn’t overheat as much.

nvenc_hevc and hevc_nvenc are the exact same thing. The FFmpeg library has it listed this way for some backwards compatibility after a rename.

This will be quicker if you have no filters, transitions, or track compositing and your footage matches your video mode/export video settings. Otherwise, even without manually added filters or compositing, if the footage must be scaled or deinterlaced (automatically per video mode / export video settings), then it will probably be faster. But, yes, there is some overhead to frame-threaded parallel processing due to memory cache pollution and internal locks to protect parts of code that are not thread-safe.

  1. Overview. The benefit of hardware encoding is that it reduces the load on your CPU by using a purpose built piece of hardware on your Nvidia graphics card. …
  2. Go to settings. Go to ‘settings’, then select ‘output’ from the side menu.
  3. Enable hardware encoding . Under the encoder drop down select ‘NVENC H.264’. …
  4. Done!
    Here are exact steps:

You’re mixing OBS instructions with Shotcut. These are two different programs.

Quick question about encoding, is it better to use h264_nvenc or to use hevc_nvenc
I’m using a 1050 Ti if it helps.

As long as whatever you do with the file supports HEVC decoding (most players and devices do but not desktop web browsers except Safari), then in my opinion, HEVC is the better option for hardware encoding. Hardware H.264 is only recently getting close to x264 quality, but x264 is very fast for being software-based. HEVC, on the other is more advanced (better quality for same bitrate, or lower bitrate for equivalent quality) but its software encoding (x265) is much, much slower than x264. Thus, HEVC is where hardware encoding really becomes justifiable.

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