How to get part of video?

I have watched “Shotcut Video Editor 2018 Tutorial - Designed for Beginners”
but it is way too complicated for me to understand… Please someone explain
how to do the following simple thing:

I have a big video – call it video1 – and I want to take a small part out of the middle of video1 and then save that small part as a new video – call it video2.

What exactly do I do? Please don’t say things like “you click on the thingy…” because I don’t know what the thingy is, what it looks like, or where it is … I need everything spelled out completely because I don’t understand anything :fearful:

Don’t think anybody’s going to provide a step by step tutorial.

This is a written manual for Shotcut.

Here’s the original getting started video that’s been taken off the shotcut site but others have posted it.

Hope these help.

Did you at least attempt to follow along with the video in Shotcut? Without learning the basics it would be hard helping explaining terms to you. If you’re stuck on what something means and don’t quite understand a term, ask us here.

When working with Shotcut, you will not damage any of your source video files. So feel free to attempt to follow along with the video. When playing an YouTube video (and Shotcut), space bar will pause/start the video.

If you want to use media that’s not yours, click here for free sources:

While this may not help out the original poster…

  1. Set Video Mode (Settings/Video Mode)

  2. Open File (pick your video) (Loads into your Source Viewer)

  3. Click where the red dot is (Alt+Left).

  4. Click I (For “In Point”)

  5. Click where you want to save up to, then click O (For Out Point) source%20clip%202

  6. Click Playlist, then the + sign

  7. Place Find your next In Point by clicking anywhere on the bar.

  8. Repeat steps 4 - 6 for adding more to the playlist.

  9. Click Export (From Playlist), then “Export File”.

You do not need a Playlist for this! I made a short (1 minute) video for you:

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Thanks for the video tutorial… but when I follow along I get “failed” in the jobs list and a message in the terminal (from which I launched Shotcut) which says “[Info ] AbstractJob::onFinished job failed with 127” Is there some sort of preliminary steps I need to perform so as to properly configure Shotcut?

Linux 4.14.65-gentoo, AMD FX™-4350 Quad core, memory (RAM) installed 16G, available 10G.

shotcut-18.03::gentoo (shotcut version 18.09.08).

Settings: “Scrub audio”, “Realtime (frame dropping)”, “Progressive”. Video more “Automatic”. Display Method: don’t know what that is, can’t answer.

Source File(s) Specifications: I don’t now how to use Shotcut so as to obtain that information.

Export File Specifictions: I don’t know what Export preset selected means so I can’t answer that. Resolution 648x360. Frames/Sec 25. Codec libx264, Rate control Quality-based VBR, Quality 60%, GOP 13 frames, Bframes 2, Codec threads 0 (0 = auto).

If you are not using a build downloaded from the web site, I cannot help you. I do not run gentoo, and I am not going to set it up. It sounds like a bad unusable build. Something as basic as this should be very reliable.

Perfect! Works great. Exactly what I need. Thanks.

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