How to get a Powerpoint presentation into shotcut video?

Hi there,

I have a powerpoint presentation completed on a mac air with ending with “pptx” file.

I attempted to place in a shotcut video and failed?

What does the powerpoint code\ending need to be to get into shotcut video?

I want to place it on windows PC with shotcut…

If it has animations you want to keep, export is as a video:

You can export one image per slide and then import the images into shotcut:

I recommend PNG format if it supports it

You might need for this

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Here’s a Powerpoint macro you can use to export the presentation to a 1080p (1k) high quality mp4. Then add the mp4 to your Shotcut project. The script can be tweaked to output 2k or 4k video in 30fps or 60fps.

Attribute VB_Name = "Export1K"

Sub Export1K()

    If ActivePresentation.CreateVideoStatus <> ppMediaTaskStatusInProgress Then
        ActivePresentation.CreateVideo FileName:="C:\EXPORT.mp4", _
            UseTimingsAndNarrations:=True, _
            VertResolution:=1080, _
            FramesPerSecond:=60, _
        MsgBox "Video Conversion Already In Progress ..."
    End If

End Sub

Thanks for te information!